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What You Need To Know About Engagement Rates

Whether you are a startup, scaling, or thriving account on Instagram it is important to learn about Engagement Rates, why they are important, and how to grow your engagement. Read along to learn more about Engagement Rates on Instagram.

What is an Engagement rate?

An Engagement Rate is use to measure the level of audience interaction in every piece of content created. Ultimately, it is used to determine how effective your social media campaigns are.

When focusing on your engagement rate, you can nearly forget about whether or not it is important to have a large number of followers.

You really want to make sure that the number of reactions, comments, shares, and saves is growing as your follower count is growing. Instead of your likes staying the same, and your follower count growing. If you have 2,200 followers and get over 200 likes per post you'll have a high rate compared to an account with 15K followers with the same likes per post. Makes sense right?⁠

Why Engagement Rate is Important?

It tells you if your content resonates with your actual audience.⁠ By understanding engagement rates you can determine which posts are having a highest interaction and get an idea of what content you can create in the future.

When is it used? As a Small Business Owner, maybe never than your own personal use and analysis. Like we said before, your engagement rate tells you if your actual audience cares about the content you are putting out..

For Bloggers & Micro-influencers? You might see more and more companies asking for this rate as you start to propose your services!!⁠ This is because actual data can provide them how are you performing from your previous client. This is the best proof ever! Time and time again we take on partnerships and collabs with smaller accounts with higher engagement rates vs large accounts with lower rates.

How to track Instagram engagement rates?

Engagement rates are calculated by dividing your total engagement (likes, comments, shares, and saves) by your total followers and multiply it by 100. That is how most people do it anyways, some don’t like to include saves and shares while other ONLY focus on the likes. But if you are in a hurry and not in a mood to look for all the numbers on your Instagram, there are lots of available websites and tools you can use. account

Same thing with these tools, each tool uses a different way to calculate engagement so make sure when you choose one, you stick to it.

Tools for you to try: Phlanx and Tanke both have calculators where you can just simply paste your Instagram account to the text box, wait for a second, and boom you can see a detailed result! See the example data below:

Looking to grow your engagement on Instagram? Download this free PDF

Social Media Dictionary: Reactions 👉 On Instagram, Reactions are still just 'likes' but on other social media platforms these can be various emojis Comments 👉 When someone clicks the little dialogue bubble and leaves a reply to your post, or your own comment! Shares 👉 The airplane on Instagram, or sometimes an arrow on other platforms. This is when someone shares your post to a friend via Message, or shares it to their own story! Saves 👉 On Instagram this is a bookmark to the bottom right of the post. "Save it for late!" is a great Call to Action

Actual Audience 👉 Your actual followers. You can find out their demographics by checking out your insights and make sure that you actual audience aligns with your target audience and fine-tune your content to match!

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